Shady Oaks Ginseng Company

 Growers of ginseng, goldenseal and native plants

Here is a little about us and the farm

     When my wife and I met back in 1997 she had some info on ginseng farming and the potential profit that there may be in it. So over the next few days we gave it some thought and decided to give it a try.

     We contacted a local grower and purchased some seed and set about planting our hoped for fortune.

     The first year we planted 18 pounds of seed. The first 8 pounds we tilled beds and planted the ginseng seed by hand. Boy let me tell you I thought we would never get that 8 pounds planted. The other 10 pounds we did a wild simulated style and blew right through the beds. The germination was about the same with both styles.

     The second year we planted 70 pounds of seeds of which 30 pounds was dedicated to growing ginseng rootlets for sale as 1, 2, and 3 year transplant roots. Let me say here that you don't want to plant your seeds as close as we did. These transplant beds looked like a carpet of green. By the end of the next year the carpet had thinned considerably.

     The third year we did 40 pounds and after that we scaled it back some. We grow maybe half of what we have for dried ginseng root and the other we sell for transplants.

     Long about the third year we started the goldenseal and have since added the cohosh, maidenhair ferns, bloodroot and so on to kind of round things out a bit. Some years you will get requests for alot of one thing and not so much of another so if you have more choices you have more opportunities to sell products.

     In the fifth year of the farm my wife mentioned she would like a few berry plants to pick some fruit from. So I took the bull by the horns and we now have about 1500 blueberry bushes along with blackberries and red raspberries for her to pick from.

     Let me say here that blueberries are an excellent way to increase your farms profitability. Really just about any berries will sell but blueberries have alot of antioxidants.

     We now raise and sell blueberry bushes form our greenhouses and have just finished a 3rd larger high tunnel to raise red raspberries in. Raising them inside the tunnel should help with disease control and plant growth which should translate into more berries. Hopefully

    Within the next 2 years we hope to begin selling flower bulbs from our newest project of daffodils and Iris.

     So that's where we stand now so if you get a chance give us a call and stop on by we would be glad to show you around.